Aid to earthquake victims in Türkiye and Syria
08 lutego 2023

Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, the UW Rector, and the academic community express their solidarity with earthquake victims in Türkiye and Syria. The University of Warsaw supports donations in kind collection organised by the Turkish Ambassador to Poland. Students whose families have been affected by the disaster can apply for an assistance grant.

The assistance grant is a one-off benefit granted on a documented request of a student or a doctoral candidate who, for reasons beyond his control, found himself temporarily in a difficult life situation causing costly and short-term difficulties in studying.

The application is submitted by the USOSweb. The assistance grant form for the relevant academic year is available after logging to an individual USOSweb account, in the COMMON section, and then APPLCATIONS.

The maximum amount of the assistance grant is PLN5500. The aid can be granted twice in the academic year (for two different reasons).

In case of any doubt about the application, a message should be sent to the following e-mail address:
More information concerning the assistance aid can be found on the UW Student Welfare and Support Office’s websites: (in English) (in Polish)


An item collection for the victims of the 6th February earthquake in Türkiye and Syria is being held in several Polish cities. Private and institutional donors can join the action. Collected items should be unused and suitable for winter conditions. Donors are asked to donate items from the attached list >>.

The items can be delivered to the collection points below:

  • Warsaw Collection Centre

Aleje Jerozolimskie 55/3, 00-697 Warsaw
Contact: +48 22 891 2513

  • Lodz Collection Centre

Ecolines Car ul. Lodzka 42, Rzgów
Contact Person: Mehmet İmik, +48 601 195 359

  • Gdansk Collection Centre

Nad Stawem 7, 80-454 Gdańsk
Contact Person: Hakan Haner, +48 722 005 888

  • ELIS Prd.

Gdyńska 32, 80-209 Tuchom
Contact Person: İzzet Ekşi, +48 606 978 801

  • Wroclaw Collection Centre

Wita Stwosza 15a/2a, 50-148 Wrocław
Contact Person: Elvan Gazi, +48 696 939 860

  • Krakow Collection Centre

Vera Food Śnieżna 18, 30-822 Kraków
Contact Person: Gediz Alan, +48 785 322 172


Item collection of the UW Faculty of Oriental Studies

The Faculty of Oriental Studies also initiated the action to collect donations.
Essential (new) articles can be deposited at two locations:

  1. Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw in the Tyszkiewicz Potocki Palace, entrance D, ground floor, from 9 am to 3 pm.
  2. Temporary seat of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw on 15/17 Tyniecka str., from 8 am to 12 pm.
    In the area most affected by the earthquake, there is no electricity, gas, water or food and the temperature is very low.

What is needed most urgently are blankets and power banks.


Announcement of the Turkish Embassy in Poland

Dear Compatriots and Polish friends,

we would like to express our gratitude for your support and joint action in this difficult time.

Our Embassy has opened a PLN account with Santander Bank Polska to raise money for earthquake-affected Türkiye.

The collected money will be donated to the Turkish Presidency for Disaster and Emergency Management – AFAD.

Account number: 41 1090 1883 0000 0001 5300 0647
Name of recipient: Ambasada Turcji



UW Entrepreneur of the Year competition – 6th edition
06 lutego 2023

From 16th January to 3rd April, registrations are open for the 6th edition of the UW Entrepreneur of the Year competition. Entrepreneurs associated with the University, who have achieved a business success, are welcome to participate. The results will be announced in late May.

The University of Warsaw Entrepreneur of the Year competition is a recurrent project aimed at promoting entrepreneurial activities. It also presents good practices and positive examples of people involved in creating and developing various organisations.

The competition is open for students, doctoral candidates, employees and graduates from the University of Warsaw.

“Our intention is to select people who represent the actual top of the business world. However, winning itself does not define the competition. We want to set an example by promoting entrepreneurship and proper practices of Polish business,” Adam Niewiński, the chairman of the competition committee, emphasises.

The awards are given in five categories:

  1. Master of Business – for a successful company, which has been in the market for more than four years,
  2. Community Entrepreneur – for an organisation supporting social activities,
  3. Innovation/Innovator of the Year – for entrepreneurs who offer innovative products and services,
  4. The UW Start-up of the Year – for start-ups, which operate for less than five years and have been proposed for the competition no later than twelve months before the announcement of the results,
  5. Corporate Entrepreneur – for an employee who launched a documented implementation of an innovative product, service or solution.

“I think that this competition, filled with good business practices, shows young entrepreneurs that their academic education may lead to professional success. There are many UW graduates whose products we use in our everyday lives,” Radosław Krzywicki, the Managing Director at Assay Group and a member of the competition committee, says.

The award ceremony will take place in May.

The 6th edition of the UW Entrepreneur of the Year competition is held under the auspices of the UW Rector and the Marshall of the Masovian Voivodeship.

The winners of the previous edition

Community Entrepreneur:

  • Warsaw Genomics – finalist
  • Kamreno – distinction
  • Whellstair – finalist
  • Chemical Safety – finalist

The UW Start-up of the Year:

  • inStreamly – distinction
  • GeoLearning – finalist
  • Yellow Wear – finalist
  • Ramp Network – finalist

Innovation/Innovator of the Year:

  • Creotech Instruments – grand prize
  • OncoBoost sp. z o.o. – distinction
  • MIM Solutions – distinction

Master of Business:

  • Respect Energy – distinction
  • CD Projekt – grand prize

The competition committee also awarded special distinctions to the following projects:

  • Dinosaur from the Central Station or “Make Roar! Not war!” – Tomasz Grzywiński, an activist dressed as a dinosaur, was giving away sweets to Ukrainian children, who were coming to the Warsaw Central Station after the war outbreak. The action was supported by the internet users from Poland and rest of the world. The collected money was used to organise a ‘dinosaur team’ of activists, who visit children in refugee centres.
  • KursyPOL– a school of Polish language, which prepares people fleeing from the war in Ukraine for their life in Poland. The motto of the school: “Polish is a key to every door”.

“The acknowledgment of my work in the UW Entrepreneur of the Year competition means a great deal to me. It is the sign that I am going in a right direction. I feel very happy and proud that I received this award. I even came up with a few new ideas after the ceremony,” Przemysław Krawczyk, the founder of GeoLearning and the finalist of the fifth edition of the competition said.



UW in a project on a European status for European Universities

The University of Warsaw, as the 4EU+ member, takes part in a new EU project on devising a model of a high-level and formalised strategic cooperation for European University alliances. The project will start on 1st March and run for one year.

The ESEU (European status for ECIU University) project seeks to overcome legal obstacles to a more complex transnational cooperation of European higher education institutions through the design of an institutionalised partnership model. The initiative is coordinated by the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU), and involves Una Europa, EU-Conexus, Charm-EU and the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation. The project will begin on 1st March and last for one year.

The project responds to one of the key initiatives put forward in the European Commission’s strategy for universities, aiming at developing a legal statute for alliances of higher education institutions. The legal statute would allow the alliances to act under one common personality, facilitating, among others, the implementation of joint programmes and the award of joint degrees.

“At present, European University alliances that consider establishing a legal entity have to choose from a plethora of legal forms regulated by different national jurisdictions. Each of these forms carries both limitations and advantages, that is why the very process of developing a pan-European institutional framework for European Universities will bring benefits to alliances and guide them in their choices. I am pleased that our university experts will be involved in this initiative,” Prof. Sambor Grucza, the UW Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Human Resources and the member of the 4EU+ Management Committee, said.

In April 2021, the Alliance gained legal personality with the establishment of a not-for-profit association “4EU+ European University Alliance e.V.” under German law. The Association’s headquarters are in Heidelberg, Germany.


The 4EU+ European University Alliance brings together seven comprehensive, research-intensive,  public universities from four regions of Europe: the University of Warsaw, the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Geneva (Switzerland), the University of Milan (Italy), Charles University (Czechia), Heidelberg University (Germany), and Sorbonne University (France).

The vision of the 4EU+ Alliance is to create One Comprehensive Research European University, contributing to the building up of the European Education and Research Areas by 2025 and beyond. The 4EU+ was among the first 17 alliances funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ “European Universities” pilot call (2018) and was granted a funding renewal in 2022. As part of its activities related to research and innovation, it also carries out the TRAIN4EU+, a “Science with and for Society” project funded through the Horizon 2020 programme.

More information about the 4EU+ is available on >>



An announcement for post-doc position
03 lutego 2023

Post-doc position (formally an adiunkt in a group of science positions) in the SONATA BIS project entitled „M:M-PROP: metallophilic interactions – allies or enemies?” financed by National Science Centre in Poland is open for application. Project leader: Katarzyna N. Jarzembska. Deadline for applications: 5 March 2023. For more info see >> pdf

UW in a European Degree label project
01 lutego 2023

The University of Warsaw, as a member of the 4EU+ Alliance, is participating in a European Degree label pilot project to promote and implement the European dimension of education and research. The project is aiming at simplifying accreditation processes and joint degrees of higher education institutions in Europe.

The ED-AFFICHE, a joint proposal of six European University Alliances (4EU+, Una Europa, CHARM-EU, EC2U, EU-CONEXUS, and Unite!) has been selected in the call for proposals to pilot a joint European Degree label.

The European Degree label is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission to facilitate the issuing of joint diplomas, degrees, and certificates across the European Higher Education Area, overcoming existing barriers in transnational cooperation and propagating universal criteria connected to corresponding joint programmes.

“The involvement of the University of Warsaw as the project’s supporting partner contributes to the 4EU+ objective of consolidating a student-centred educational framework. It also gives us an opportunity to actively support the implementation of the joint European degree, one of the four key initiatives providing impetus to the European dimension of education and research,” Prof. Sambor Grucza, the UW Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Human Resources, highlighted.

The one-year project will be coordinated by Una Europa. It will allow the European University Alliances, and national and regional authorities to examine, test and facilitate the delivery of a joint European Degree label, based on common criteria. The initiative aims to mitigate obstacles in creating joint study programmes and awarding joint qualifications. It will target all higher education institutions across Europe and foster all types of transnational cooperation, facilitating an open dialogue between the consortium members and other European higher education actors.

Apart from the European joint degree, the other three flagship initiatives aimed at enhancing the European dimension of education and research include: the European Universities initiative, a legal status for alliances of higher education institutions, and widespread use of the European Student Card.

More information is available on the 4EU+ website >>

More about UW initiatives under the 4EU+ Alliance can be found on the web page >>



Autosave in the PPK in 2023
26 stycznia 2023

Starting 1st April 2023, the employer is obliged to contribute to the Employee Capital Plan (PPK). If an employee has previously submitted a declaration to the employer to opt out of PPK contributions, this declaration will expire on 28th February 2023. The earliest that an employee can declare they are no longer making contributions to the PPK is 1st March 2023.

The employer is obliged to resume making contributions to the Employee Capital Plan (PPK: Pracowniczy Plan Kapitałowy) every 4 years from 1st April (the first time in 2023),  for each person employed who has made a declaration to opt out  from making contributions to the PPK, unless that person again resigns by submitting a new declaration to the employer to opt out of making contributions to the PPK.

The first, repeated autosave to this programme will take place in 2023,  and then in the following years: 2027, 2031, etc.

If an employee has previously submitted a declaration to the employer to opt out of the PPK contributions, this declaration will expire on 28th February 2023 (even if submitted in February 2023).

The earliest that an employee can declare that he or she is no longer making contributions to the PPK is 1st March 2023.

By the end of February 2023, employees, who have made a declaration to opt out of making PPK contributions, will be provided with a document to sign the “Information on resumption of PPK contributions” – it is the responsibility of the employing entity to provide this information to the PPK participant.

The repeated autosave in the PPK shall not refer to a person who:

  • turned 55 before 1st April 2023 and has not applied to her/his employer to enter into a PPK agreement on her/his behalf;
  • turned 70 before 1st April 2023 (even if she/he submits an application to her/his employer to enter into a PPK agreement on her/his behalf);
  • since 1st March 2023, has submitted again a declaration to the employer to opt out of PPK contributions.

More information on the autosave is available on the Human Resources Office’s website >>



UW auctioning for WOŚP
24 stycznia 2023

Olga Tokarczuk’s book dedication, a unique chess set from the Rector, a spring tour in the UW Botanic Garden, dancing classes by the “Warszawianka” Folk Song and Dance Ensemble – these are just several example auctions of the University of Warsaw for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Bidding has already started and will last as long as 30th January.

The 31st Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP) will be launched on 29th January. The University of Warsaw is also participating in fundraising to purchase medical equipment that is used in treating sepsis patients.

In this year edition “UW gra dla WOŚP” the University of Warsaw is auctioning 37 items. The initiative is supported by 11 faculties and organisational units of the University. The items put to the bid include: novel books with dedications from Olga Tokarczuk, a unique chess set from Prof. Alojzy Z. Nowak, the Rector of the University of Warsaw, concerts of the University of Warsaw Choir, professional climbing classes, a signed Olympic T-shirt, as well as spring strolling in the Botanic Garden with Director Prof. Marcin Zych as a tour guide, or attending the Polish National Ballet performance with Prof. Gabriela Grotkowska, the Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The Faculty of History has also started an online donation platform

Bidding has already begun with the closing date 30th January. The one and only auction “Prowadzenie programu Alternator w Radiu Kampus” (“Hosting the ‘Alternator’ programme on the Kampus Radio”) is ending on 2nd February.



“Solidarity with Ukraine” under the NAWA funding
19 stycznia 2023

The University of Warsaw has been allocated over PLN760,000 from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange for the cooperation of the 4EU+ Alliance with three partner institutions from Ukraine. The joint project with Ukrainian universities will foster flexible education paths, provide access to the European Education Area and strengthen research and didactic potentials.

In the former edition of the NAWA programme “Solidarity with Ukraine”, the UW received PLN350,000 for scholarships for students and doctoral candidates from Ukraine. The programme was conducted from 1st July through 30th September 2022. 34 Ukrainians participated in intensive Polish and English language courses as well as in the preparatory courses to build up adaptation, subjects, social and IT skills.

The current edition of the programme allows for support actions by Polish universities that are associated in alliances of the European Universities to help partner higher education institutions from Ukraine. The allocated funds amount to PLN16 million.

4EU+ for Ukraine

The University of Warsaw has received PLN765,200. The project “4EU+ for Ukraine” aims at strengthening and developing academic cooperation with partner institutions from Ukraine, i.e. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, and V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, and seven member universities of the 4EU+: the University of Warsaw, Charles University (the Czech Republic), Sorbonne University (France), the University of Heidelberg (Germany), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Milan (Italy), and the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

The joint project with the Ukrainian universities facilitates education and development actions under the 4EU+ strategy, such as: flexible education pathways in language, intercultural and IT areas, accessible standards of the European Education Area, stronger research and education potentials, innovative solutions for students/participants, which go along with the modern approach.

Online and hybrid courses, short programmes and workshops are available under the project for students, doctoral candidates, researchers and academic teachers of the partner universities.

The project is coordinated by the University of Warsaw: the International Relations Office with the 4EU+ Office and the Office for Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

The anticipated effects of the project include:

  • online classes, language courses and workshops for students;
  • innovative teaching materials and resources for academic teachers and scientists, also with subtitles and translation into Ukrainian;
  • competence and skill workshops and trainings, including languages, IT, academic script writing, presentation, grant application, project management, educational programmes etc.

The project actions will have been implemented by 31st December 2023.

More details about the project are available on the NAWA’s website >>



An announcement for a post-doc position
27 grudnia 2022

Position of adiunkt (a group of science positions) in the H2020 ERC-STG project entitled „Chirality-sensitive Nuclear Magnetoelectric Resonance” financed by the European Research Council is open for application. Project leader: dr hab. Piotr Garbacz, prof. ucz. Deadline for applications: 26 January 2023. For more info see >> pdf

An announcement for a post-doc position

Position of adiunkt (a group of science positions) in the H2020 ERC-STG project entitled „Chirality-sensitive Nuclear Magnetoelectric Resonance” financed by the European Research Council is open for application. Project leader: dr hab. Piotr Garbacz, prof. ucz. Deadline for applications: 26 January 2023. For more info see >> pdf