Radiogenomics Master

One of the main challenges of modern medicine is the appropriate selection of diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches in order to minimize the risk of diseases and maximize the effects of therapy.  This is particularly true for diseases with a genetic basis, which early detection and treatment requires experience in analyzing the patient’s genetic information as well as the use of advanced imaging methods, including nuclear medicine techniques.

Radiogenomics is a new 2-year graduate course at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw, set up within the framework of the Initiative of Excellence – Research University (IDUB) programme. This course has been created in response to the ever-growing need to educate experts with interdisciplinary skills in the field of natural sciences, medicine and pharmacy.

The specially constructed program, which focuses on solving research problems using a project-based method offers the opportunity to obtain unique knowledge, especially in the field of nuclear chemistry, molecular imaging and modelling, as well as practical aspects of genomics (including genetic research and determination of the genetic background of various diseases). The course also familiarizes students with the principles of conducting research in both pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Website (PL): Radiogenomics Master

Courses within this programme are conducted in Polish. However, there is a possibility of conducting selected courses in English for international students.