Nuclear Chemistry and Radiopharmaceutical

The goal of the program consists in training chemicists well prepared to work in the field of nuclear chemistry. The Programme includes mandatory courses (e.g. Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, Physical Chemistry, Chemistry of Radioactive Elements) and electives. The latter enables students to develop their individual interests in the course of studies. Particular emphasis is placed on issues related to the practical skills in work with radioactive materials, determination of radioisotopes in the samples or application of various protocols for synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals. Hence, except practical exercises, the mandatory internships take place in various institutions.

Profile of the graduate
Graduates have general knowledge about all main fields of chemistry with special attention to nuclear chemistry and selected topics in nuclear physics. Graduates are trained to be ready to work with radioactive materials and solve problems in advanced nuclear chemistry. These qualifications are appropriate for employment in research institutions, R&D laboratories.

Nuclear Chemistry and Radiopharmaceutical Programme is conducted in Polish.
The graduate has the opportunity to undertake further education at second-cycle studies in Chemistry or related.

Website (PL): Nuclear Chemistry and Radiopharmaceutical

Courses within this programme are conducted in Polish. However, there is a possibility of conducting selected courses in English for international students.