Chemical Instrumental Analysis Bachelor

Chemical Instrumental Analysis is a new field of study at the Faculty of Chemistry. The studies are scheduled for 7 semesters. Chemical Instrumental Analysis concerns development and practical application of methods allowing to determine with known precision and accuracy the chemical composition of a sample, including distribution, as well as changes in time of individual component.

The first years of studies are the opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, crystallography and the basics of theoretical chemistry. In addition, the student will learn the principles of human resource management and laboratory work management. One of the priority goals is to teach students how to use modern equipment so that graduates can easily find work in the field of broadly understood analytical chemistry.

Proposed Studies are dedicated to people interested in:

  • food analysis
  • biomedical analysis
  • pharmaceuticals
  • environmental analysis
  • chemical analysis of archaeological samples

Website (PL): Chemical Instrumental Analysis Bachelor 

Courses within this programme are conducted in Polish. However, there is a possibility of conducting selected courses in English for international students.