UW in a European Degree label project
01 lutego 2023

The University of Warsaw, as a member of the 4EU+ Alliance, is participating in a European Degree label pilot project to promote and implement the European dimension of education and research. The project is aiming at simplifying accreditation processes and joint degrees of higher education institutions in Europe.

The ED-AFFICHE, a joint proposal of six European University Alliances (4EU+, Una Europa, CHARM-EU, EC2U, EU-CONEXUS, and Unite!) has been selected in the call for proposals to pilot a joint European Degree label.

The European Degree label is an initiative endorsed by the European Commission to facilitate the issuing of joint diplomas, degrees, and certificates across the European Higher Education Area, overcoming existing barriers in transnational cooperation and propagating universal criteria connected to corresponding joint programmes.

“The involvement of the University of Warsaw as the project’s supporting partner contributes to the 4EU+ objective of consolidating a student-centred educational framework. It also gives us an opportunity to actively support the implementation of the joint European degree, one of the four key initiatives providing impetus to the European dimension of education and research,” Prof. Sambor Grucza, the UW Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Human Resources, highlighted.

The one-year project will be coordinated by Una Europa. It will allow the European University Alliances, and national and regional authorities to examine, test and facilitate the delivery of a joint European Degree label, based on common criteria. The initiative aims to mitigate obstacles in creating joint study programmes and awarding joint qualifications. It will target all higher education institutions across Europe and foster all types of transnational cooperation, facilitating an open dialogue between the consortium members and other European higher education actors.

Apart from the European joint degree, the other three flagship initiatives aimed at enhancing the European dimension of education and research include: the European Universities initiative, a legal status for alliances of higher education institutions, and widespread use of the European Student Card.

More information is available on the 4EU+ website >>

More about UW initiatives under the 4EU+ Alliance can be found on the web page >>


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl